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:When I Die: Vitajte na našich stránkach

Vitajte na našich stránkach



The band "When I Die" was formed in 2010 by guitarist Štefan Melicherík and keyboardist Miroslav Pastorek

They left their former bands and started to focus on the new project.During the year, Dávid Fus-drummer and Marek Zjavka-guitar joined the band.As the band was missing a singer, the two guitarists started to work on their singing (Štefan Melicherík-clean vocals, Marek Zjavka-scream).After bassist Michal Tužinčin joinned the band in september that year, the band managed to record their first demo "Rescue" during the following month.The band tried to work with various singers, but nobody really fitted the band's music style.The second demo "Relef", which contains 7 songs and an intro, was released in spring 2011. The demo also contains the song "For Fear" with guest singer Júlia Pacúchová.A few old songs were recorded during june 2011, featuring Maja Bojová as the new lead singer/screamer. The band is finally complete. In the begining of the year 2012 the band releases new material. This summer, after just one year of existence, we will be honored to play on various open-air festivals with great internationa an SK/CZ names like Behemoth, Septicflesh, Mater Monstifera, Ador Dorath etc...


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